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What is 4-H Youth Leadership Council?

The Harris County 4-H Council is an organization comprised of elected Council officers and club representatives. The organization stresses youth leadership training and development, and meets to conduct business, educational meetings, plan community service projects, and enjoy the company of fellow 4-H’ers. Youth Leadership Council also has a district and state counterpart.


Who Can Become a Member?

Membership in the Youth Leadership Council is open to Harris County 4-H club Presidents, First Vice-Presidents, Council Delegates, and Junior Leaders. Each club has a maximum of three votes (clubs to decide who will be voting delegates) on matters requiring a vote.


Want to join Harris County 4-H County Council?

Contact our office at 713-274-0950 about joining.


2021-2023 4-H Youth Leadership Council Officers 

Officer Board:

2020-2021 County Council Meetings


Officer Duties

Council Chairman: 

  • to preside at all meetings of the council, enforce the bylaws and exercise supervision over the affairs of the council.
  • to appoint standing and special committees.
  • to serve as an ex-officer member of each committee, except the nominating
  • to plan all Council educational programs one year in advance.
  • serve as representative to District 4-H Council with the District Council Representative or appoint an officer to attend any District 4-H Council events.
  • should member already be a district council representative by nature of office or committee role, an alternate representative may be appointed by the executive committee.

1st Vice Chairman: 

  • to assist the chairman.
  • to perform the duties of the chairman in the absence of that officer.
  • to serve as chairman of the program committee.
  • to plan all Council educational programs one year in advance in cooperation with the executive committee with input from the general membership.

2nd Vice Chairman: 

  • to assist the chairman.
  • to perform the duties of the chairman in the absence of the chairman and first vice-chairman.
  • to serve as chairman of the recreation/social committee.
  • to plan recreation and refreshments for each council meeting and plan special social events of the council.

Council Delegate:  

  • to serve as the delegate to the District 4-H Council.
  • to keep the council informed of district 4-H activities and assist in the coordination of local and county activities.
  • to encourage all 4-H members to become involved in county and district 4-H activities.
  • to serve as chairman of the telephone committee.


  • to report activities of the council to local news media.
  • to report activities to the county Extension agent and/or in the county 4-H newsletter.
  • to encourage club delegates to give serve as chairman of the publicity committee.



  • Keep an accurate, current roll of all club members.
  • Serve on the Membership Committee so you know when new members join and can keep the roll up-to-date.
  • Call the roll and check attendance at each meeting.
  • Keep complete and accurate minutes of all meetings.
  • At each meeting, read minutes of the previous meeting.



  • Keep order at club meetings. Follow 4-H Parliamentary Procedure Guidelines
  • Advise the President, or presiding officer, on parliamentary procedure.
  • Help train all club officers in parliamentary procedure.
  • Make parliamentary rulings during the business portion of the meeting

Revised 09/09/20


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