At Harris County 4-H we know that the true project is the child. As you browse the project categories, remember that these are just tools to organize the many ways youth can develop clearer thinking, greater loyalty, larger service and better living.

Targeting Life Skills Model (Hendricks, 1998)

Targeting Life Skills Model (Hendricks, 1998)

Projects allow youth to learn by doing, developing various life skills as they complete them through the year.

The “Targeting Life Skills Model” can be used as a framework to guide 4-H leaders.



A clothing & textiles project, for example, can address the following:

HeadPlanning a larger scale production of scarves
HeartCooperation among project members to create scarves in time for Christmas
HandsCommunity service by donating the scarves to a pediatric cancer facility
HealthStress management through knitting and sewing

Texas Approved Project List


Revised 10/14/20

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