Shooting Sports

The shooting sports project gives a comprehensive introduction to shooting safety and fundamentals of the archery, muzzle loading, pistol, rifle and shotgun disciplines. 

Importantly, the 4-H shooting sports program is effective for engaging youth-at-risk and attracting new audiences (Sabo & Hamilton, 1997).

The project aims for 4-H youth to:
— Appreciate our natural resources  

— Develop a positive self-concept        
— Rise to high standards of safety and sportsmanship

In keeping with these high standards, and as with all other 4-H competitive opportunities and events, youth in the Shooting Sports Program must maintain academic eligibility in order to compete. Please submit the 4-H Eligibility Form in a timely fashion to ensure your youth can showcase their hard work.

Shooting Sports Programs in Harris County


Spring Klein 4-H Shooting

Crosby 4-H Shotgun

Lonestar 4-H

Northwest Shooters 4-H

Katy Dusters 4-H


NationalShootingSports_logoWe are very proud to have adult volunteers with outside shooting sports experience. 

However, in order to maintain consistency within 4-H and specifically promote youth development, coaches MUST be 4-H certified. View the Texas 4-H Shooting Sports page for more information on upcoming trainings and fees.

4-H Training is open to prospective:

• 4-H Shooting Sports Coaches: Enrolled 4-H adult leaders at least 21 years old
• 4-H Shooting Sports Assistant Coaches: Enrolled 4-H adult leaders, 18-20 years old or 4-H youth members in 9-12th grade (under the supervision of a 4-H certified coach)





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