HoldingRecordBookWhat are Recordbooks?

Recordbooks are proof of the amazing experiences you have had in 4-H. By keeping record, you can appreciate how far you’ve come, set goals for improvement and submit your projects for awards.

In fact, Recordbooks can help you complete your college applications and are great practice for promoting a confident you in the “real world”. 

How do I get started?

  1.  Set a goal.
    Decide on a project area and ask your parents, club leaders and 4-H friends to help you set feasible goals.
  2. Journal as you go. 
    Use a calendar, index cards, phone or computer – whatever is easiest for you to stay committed to. Consider trying this online record keeping tool, developed by a 4-H member in Williamson County (Disclaimer: not an official Texas 4-H website).
  3. Reflect.
    Think back: what did you learn? what obstacles did you face? How has your participation impacted you, your club and your community?
  4. Share it.
    Consolidate your most important accomplishments in one place – your Recordbook! Share it with the Harris County Extension office TO BE ANNOUNCED and compete for awards. You can even become eligible for recognition at the district and state 4-H level!

For more info on the Recordbook format and resources such as this Check Sheet (included in the Family Guide), visit the Recordbooks page at Texas 4-H

Revised 09/09/20

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