If you are in 3rd to 12th grade you can join Harris County 4-H! Younger children participate through Clover Kids, a non-competitive program that focuses on building self-esteem and family strengths. Visit our Clover Kids page for more information.

 Member Groups

All youth MUST register on 4-H Connect and enroll in at least ONE club and ONE project. The 4-H calendar year is from September 1st – August 31st and you will have to re-enroll every year.

—  F  E  E  S  —

$25.00   |   Aug. 15th – Oct. 31st

   $30.00    | Nov. 1st – end of 4-H year

Fees don’t apply to Clover Kids! 


Tip: If you discover Harris County 4-H toward the end of August, consider holding off on enrollment to avoid paying fees for two calendar years. You’ll have to sign up again on September 1st anyway!

Revised 09/08/20

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