Clover Kids

14263516_sClover Kids is focused on hands-on learning and cooperation, not competition.

Clover Kids should conduct activities that they can understand and manage mostly by themselves. Age-appropriate projects include:

•Clothing & Textiles
•Companion Animals
•Computer Science
 •Food & Nutrition
•Healthy Lifestyles
• Rabbits
• Recreation
•Sport Fishing

Clover Kids Resources
Clover Kids Curriculum (Iowa 4-H)  |  Clover Kids Toolbox (Iowa 4-H)
Clover Kid Corner (Nebraska 4-H)  |  Clover Kids Guide (Missouri 4-H)

Although Clover Kids do not serve as club officers or compete in events for older youth, they should be recognized at the club level. 

Revised 09/08/20

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