Livestock Judging

HCLivestockJudgingLogoIn the Harris County Livestock Judging program, youth get together to learn, compete and form friendships around their love for animals and public speaking.

Get familiar with the guidelines below and mark your calendar with the important dates – see you at the top!

Participation GuidelinesPDF

1. Enroll in 4-H Connect (4-H/FFA).

2. Attend over  50% of trainings during the season.

3. Judge in a minimum of THREE regional contests (county fair, etc.) and ONE major show contest from this list to judge at the District 9 contest.

4. Wear the team shirt to all contests.

5. Maintain academic eligibility – submit your 4-H Eligibility Form prior to participating in judging contests

Livestock Judging Team


• Teams are based on your average score from previous contests.

• For the first contest of the year, returning members will be placed on teams based on their average from the previous year. New members will be randomly placed on teams.

• We will average your top FOUR scores to determine team placing for the District contest. Overall participation may be considered.

Important Dates

Click on the icon below to view the calendar in PDF form. These dates will also be on our website Events page.


Revised 11/30/15

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