“It takes a village.”

Harris County 4-H exists because of parents and volunteers with a vision — the vision of developing youth holistically and empowering them to improve their communities. We understand that everyone has different responsibilities, but you can get involved in many ways. Every little bit counts, and together we can accomplish so much more.

Volunteer today. Inspire for a lifetime.

We need YOU!

• Ways to get involved •

Mother and Child Parents!
Help at home and in your club: 
Encourage your child’s project work, bring refreshments to a meeting, share your hobby…

Direct Volunteer: has face-to-face contact with youth.
Examples: club manager, project leader, camp counselor

Indirect Volunteer: works on behalf of the 4-H Program but does not have face-to-face contact with youth.  Examples: committee members, donors

Episodic Volunteer: helps with a single activity under the supervision of direct volunteers.  Examples: fair judges, event helpers

For the safety of our children,
all 4-H Volunteers must be screened.

Adults at least 18 years of age (21 yrs. for overnight chaperones) should enroll in 4-H Connect and pay the annual $10 fee. Once in the system, volunteers are screened and must pass a criminal background check. 

Parents: consider being screened in case you help out with an activity and have direct contact with youth. Plus, once you’re screened, you have more opportunities to grow with 4-H! 

 Revised 09/08/20

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