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The Dickinson Bayou Watershed Partnership, organized by Texas Coastal Watershed Program (Texas Sea Grant / Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Service), in cooperation with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and the Galveston Bay Estuary Program (GBEP), is an innovative gathering of federal, state, and private organizations who meet to improve watershed health, integrate watershed management, and make better use of watershed project funding. The partnership focuses on the interrelated issues of water excess (flooding and drainage), habitat, water quality, land use and educating the communities within the watershed on these issues.


A watershed plan for the Dickinson Bayou watershed should:

  • Educate the public as to why the group assembled in the first place, the need and the issues of the watershed.
  • Cover and define the basics: what is a watershed, we all live in a watershed; how is water collected, treated, cleaned, disposed of; storm water and storm drains; etc.
  • Be built with input from stakeholders, including the general public, about what they want to see, and where they want the watershed to be down the line.
  • Inventory of potential tools with description of each.
  • Consistent with the mission of the DBWP.
  • Fulfill the grant requirements.

Dickinson Bayou Watershed Protection Plan

April 2009 Draft of the Full Watershed Plan  (230 pages, 13.89 MB)*
Introduction (26 pages, 5.3 MB)*
State of the Watershed (51 pages, 5.7 MB)*
Strategies and Goals for the Watershed (50 pages, 2.81 MB)*
Summary of Plan Strategies and Milestones (5 pages, 36 KB)*
Appendices (94 pages, 656 KB)*


* (PDF files require Adobe Acrobat reader)


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