Evolution and History

The Dickinson Bayou Watershed Partnership (DBWP) has evolved over time. From the beginning, the members have seen the complexity of interactions between the various groups involved in the Watershed. Originally, the group formed to talk about dissolved oxygen issues in the Bayou and work on a Watershed Protection Plan.  Over the past 10+ years, the focus has shifted to bacteria issues in Dickinson Bayou and sources in the watershed.  TCEQ completed a TMDL for Bacteria and the DBWP created the companion Implementation Plan follow the EPA 9-element approach for watershed based plans.  The latest project is a Bridge Document, to link early stakeholder efforts with the bacteria work to create a new document that EPA can approve as a Watershed Based Plan.  This will facilitate additional funding for implementation efforts within the Dickinson Bayou watershed.


Rich Diagram of interactions between agencies and groups and DBWP

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