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Areas of High Risk for Septic System Failure in the Dickinson Bayou Watershed


There are approximately 5,000 Septic Systems (or On-Site Sewage Facilities, OSSFs) in the Dickinson Bayou Watershed. Best estimates indicate of 3,722 OSSFs in the watershed are very likely subject to some degree of failure at some time of the year. For many systems, failure means that some untreated waste water comes to the surface or comes into contact with groundwater, even though the system may be working property from the homeowner’s perspective.  Maintenance is a major contributing factor in system failure.

How do septic systems impact water quality?

Aerobic Septic System Maintenance

Conventional Septic System Maintenance

Do you properly maintain your septic system?

Trash, Save, Return: 3 Steps to Protect Your Septic System *

How Your Septic System Works *

Disease Vectors*

Dickinson Bayou OSSF Map 2013

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* PDF – requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

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