Pet Waste Management

This non-structural BMP addresses one of many sources of water pollution and is something most of us can easily address as we go about our daily routine.  Rain water washes poop left on the ground into our storm drains which connect to creeks and bayous where the poo decomposes.  During decomposition, this waste uses up precious oxygen need by fish and other creatures to stay alive and healthy.  There is one way to manage pet waste.  Pick it up!

Bag it for your bayou!

Dog waste can be delt with in three ways but first you must pick it up!  Then you can:

1. Throw it in the trash

2. Flush it down the toilet – only the poo, not the bag!

3. Bury it in your yard – dig a hole about 6 inches deep away from you garden, bury the poo and      the microbes in the soil will break it down naturally.

Cat waste collected in a litter box should always be thrown away and never flushed down the toilet.

Cat feces contains different pathogens than human waste and these are not removed at the waste water treatment plant.

More information

Dickinson Bayou watershed pet waste factsheet (pdf file)

Bag it for your bayou –Printable poster #1 (pdf file, prints on 11×17 paper)

Bag it for your bayou –Printable poster #2 (pdf file, prints on 11×17 paper)

Newsletter article – Would you like to include information about pet waste and water quality in your next community newsletter? Here is one option.  Contact for other information or a jpg image. (pdf file)


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