Mission, Vision, Goals

Mission Statement: To protect, preserve, and restore the quality of the Dickinson Bayou Watershed and its communities.


Vision Statement: Dickinson Bayou Watershed is a place where people live, play, swim, fish, and boat in clean water



1.  Dickinson Bayou and its tributaries meet or exceed current Texas water quality standards

2.  Develop and implement a monitoring strategy to evaluate the effectiveness of watershed protection and restoration methods

3.  Protect, restore and create valuable natural habitats throughout the watershed

…..3a. Protect and restore fish and wildlife resources in the watershed
…..3b. Reduce exotics

4.  Reduce the impact of flooding on homes and businesses, using the watershed’s natural ability to absorb floodwaters whenever possible

5.  Improve awareness and understanding of Dickinson bayou watershed and its value to the communities through education and outreach

6.  Establish a process for coordination and cooperation between citizens and entities impacting the watershed regulations and infractions

7.  Promote citizen stewardship of the bayou and its watershed

8.  Integrate quality of life issues in watershed plan

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