Bridge Document

What is a Bridge Document?

A Bridge Document has nothing to do with building a literal on the ground bridge. In this case, we are bridging the gap between the Draft Watershed Protection Plan, the approved Bacteria I-Plan and the EPA requirements for a Watershed Based Plan.  The Bridge document will be a cohesive report that meets the EPA’s requirements for a nine-element Watershed Based Plan and references the other water quality documents for Dickinson Bayou and its tributaries.

a picture of a bridge

Why does Dickinson Bayou need a Bridge Document?

Having a Watershed Based Plan approved by the EPA opens up additional avenues for funding projects in the Dickinson Bayou watershed.  This is funding that is ONLY available to groups with approved Watershed Based Plans.  There are about 20 groups in the State of Texas who currently meet this requirement.


Do other watersheds have bridge documents?

A couple of Bridge Document project have been initiated in Texas to help watersheds like ours where stakeholders have been working on various documents but still do not meet EPA requirements for a watershed based plan.  We will use other Bridge Documents as an examples to create ours.


When will the Bridge Document be completed?

The current timeline is to have a completed document for stakeholder review in Summer 2017.



February 23, 2017

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