What is a 4-H Project?

4-H projects are the educational experiences that youth who are members of 4-H participate in.

Visit the Texas 4-H Website for a full list of Projects: Texas 4-H Project List

4-H members can also participate in self-directed projects which are not listed as long as they meet the requirements for a project. They should choose the major category heading for their project enrollment for that self-directed project. Contact us and we will determine what resources are available to help you get started!

Sometimes a project that the member is interested in is not currently being done in the club they are in or interested in joining. The member may still complete that project, but typically, their parent will become the project leader for them.

When deciding on which project(s) to get involved with, it is important to take the time to research it. Some questions a member may ask him/herself are:

  • Do I like this project?
  • Can I complete this project?
  • How much will this project cost?
  • Do I have space and equipment for this project?
  • How can this project help me grow?
  • What areas can I move into?
  • When is this project complete?
  • Can my parents help me with this project?

Project Goal Setting Worksheet
This is a tool to help youth write down their goals and keep track.

Clover Kids Projects that Clover Kids can participate in include: rabbits, food and nutrition, healthy lifestyle education, safety, photography, computer science, horticulture, recreation, companion animals, sport fishing, and clothing and textiles. These projects ARE NOT to be entered into competition, but Clover Kids may receive participation awards based on completing and exhibiting the product or skill. No judging or placing is permitted.


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