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4-H Enrollment


If you were enrolled in 22-23, please use your existing profile. Log in, make any needed changes and submit for enrollment any time after August 15. Should you be enrolling a new family member, whether a Clover Kid (aged 5 to 8), a youth member or an adult volunteer, this can and should be done inside the family profile. Once logged in, there is a blue “Add Member” button.

New Enrollments:

This is an online process, found at texas.4honline.com. One single profile will be used for the whole family. PLEASE use a desktop or laptop, not a tablet or phone. You will need some additional information to successfully complete the profile:

· Which club or clubs

  • You can join 2, especially if you’d like to do a specialized project like shooting sports, dog training or horsemanship along with another traditional project. In that case, please see the club list for a community club that meets near you.
  •  You as a parent cannot change or edit this field once you are approved. You would have to make this request to the 4-H office.

· Which projects = interests

  •  Select one or as many as you’d like. This is something you could make changes to later if desired.
  •  You aren’t tied to or limited by what appears here, but it does help us disseminate information.

· Continue through the following screens – questions, health form, consents… making sure to hit Next as you finish each screen.

· Payment, which is $25 from mid-August through October, will be collected online. If you have trouble getting to and through this screen, some required field has been left unfilled on a prior page.

  • You aren’t charged until the 4-H office reviews and approves the profile, even though the wording suggests that it’s immediate.
  • Only 1 paying family member will be approved per day to try and avoid bank issues.

It is important that the email on these profiles is accurate and checked often. You may add more than one if desired. Enter that into the Second Family Email slot. This is how the office and your club manager can keep you informed.

Parents, please consider becoming a volunteer. It allows our program to continue, to grow, to offer more variety and to overall Make the Best Better. There is a $12 fee which provides you the security of insurance and the program the integrity of a background check for each volunteer.

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