Veterinary Science Project

The 4-H Veterinary Science Project is a 5-year curriculum based project with 100 lessons and 50 activities that gives youth interested in veterinary medicine opportunities to work in the field. The project is career-oriented and job-training so students can determine if this is a field they would like to pursue.

This project has a set curriculum that allows youth and adults to work together to achieve success. It also allows for youth to develop an interest in veterinary medicine, human medicine and other allied health fields.

After completion of the 5 year course, 4-H’ers will receive a Certificate of Completion and will be able to apply to take an exam to become a Certified Veterinary Assistant.

4-H members may begin the project at any age, but have to be 16 years old in order to apply to take the test.

To learn more about the program, visit

Currently there is 1 Vet Science project group in Montgomery County.

Please call the 4-H office, 936-539-7823 to get the contact information for the group.

Texas 4-H Veterinary Science Skillathon
The Veterinary Science Skillathon is a competitive event, open to Intermediate and Senior aged 4-H’ers, designed to test the knowledge and skills that a 4-H member can gain through his or her involvement in a Veterinary Science project.  There are several components to the contest.  The written exam is to test the participant’s subject matter knowledge.  The skills exam tests the hands-on or experiential learning and is the largest component of the contest.  The quiz round requires participants to think on their feet, as well as analyze risks as far as losing points for incorrect answers and this is generally the most fun for the participants.  Finally, the communication portion of the contest helps to develop public speaking skills.
Visit to learn more about State 4-H Roundup and the Veterinary Science Skillathon.

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