Dog Project

Dog Project Beginner Class Interest List

Dog Project Requirements:

  • MUST be up-to-date on their shot records.  Specifically DHPP and Rabies.  The Rabies Certificate MUST BE SIGNED by the vet (sometimes you have to specifically ask for this).
  • The dog your child uses MUST be one that is under your daily care.
  • They may be a purebred or a mixed breed.
  • Any age is okay as well, as long as they comply with the shot schedule
  • New members must plan to attend the beginner class


  • 6’ nylon or leather leash (NO RETRACTABLE LEASHES ALLOWED!)
  • a sliding chain collar with only about 4” of slack allowed (keep the tags on it and receipt until we have checked it for you)
  • soft bite-sized training treats
  • tennis shoes
  • water (child and dog)
  • potty bags
  • a PARENT (a responsible adult is required to stay at all practices).

As the handler progresses through the dog project there will be a few additional items needed.


**Participation in the Dog show is open to 4-H Dog Project members ONLY.  Spectators are welcome.


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