Shooting Sports

In Montgomery County, we currently have 2 clubs that offer the Shooting Sports Project:

Montgomery County 4-H Shooting Sports Club– Current disciplines include: Archery (Compound and Recurve), Rifle (BB Gun, Air Rifle, and .22 Rifle), and Pistol (Air Pistol and .22 Pistol). You can find more information here:

Montgomery County 4-H Shotgun Team – Shotgun only.  You can get more information here:
VERY IMPORTANT – Currently, the MC4H Shotgun Team is only able to accept 20 new shotgun shooters each year to maintain a SAFE shooter to coach ratio, thus it is important to contact to get on the wait list for the next 4-H year.

In order to participate in 4-H shooting sports, members must first take a free 4-H Home Firearm Safety Training.  These are offered at limited times of year.  An interest list is kept at the 4-H Office so that members will be contacted for upcoming training.

Add your name to the interest below or by calling the 4-H Office at (936) 539-7823, option 3.

Shooting Sports Safety Interest List

Helpful Shooting Sports Websites08shotgun

Shooting Sports Guidelines for Montgomery County

District 9 4-H Shooting Sports

Texas 4-H Shooting Sports




2021 HLSR BB Gun

3rd Place Team:

Team Members:  Cora Garcia, J.D. Haines, Rachel Haines, Elsah Ikard, Jayson Kimberly, Lucky Myers, Casey Ward

This team earned an invitation to attend the Daisy National BB Gun Championship Match this summer in Rogers, Arkansas.


Individual Results:

9 year olds:

Prone 3rd Place:  Bella Dollar

Standing 1st Place:  Elsah Ikard

Standing 2nd Place:  Bella Dollar

Sitting 1st Place:  Elsah Ikard

Sitting 2nd Place:  Connor Haines

Kneeling 1st Place:  Connor Haines

Kneeling 2nd Place:  Bella Dollar

Overall 9 year old 2nd Place:  Elsah Ikard

Overall 9 year old 3rd Place:  Bella Dollar


11 year olds:

Sitting 3rd Place:  Jason Richey


13 year olds:

Standing 1st Place:  Lucky Myers

Kneeling 1st Place:  Lucky Myers

Overall 13 year old 3rd Place:  Lucky Myers


14/15 year olds:

Standing 1st Place:  Rachel Haines

Sitting 2nd Place:  Rachel Haines

Kneeling 2nd Place:  Rachel Haines

Kneeling 3rd Place:  Cora Garcia




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