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4-H Shooting Sports


In Montgomery County, we currently have 2 clubs that offer the Shooting Sports Project:

Montgomery County 4-H Shooting Sports Club– Current disciplines include: Archery (Compound and Recurve), Rifle (BB Gun, Air Rifle, and .22 Rifle), and Pistol (Air Pistol and .22 Pistol). You can find more information here:

Montgomery County 4-H Shotgun Team – Shotgun only.  You can get more information here:
VERY IMPORTANT – Currently, the MC4H Shotgun Team is only able to accept 20 new shotgun shooters each year to maintain a SAFE shooter to coach ratio, thus it is important to contact to get on the wait list for the next 4-H year.

In order to participate in 4-H shooting sports, members must first take a free 4-H Home Firearm Safety Training.  These are offered at limited times of year.  An interest list is kept at the 4-H Office so that members will be contacted for upcoming training.

Add your name to the interest below or by calling the 4-H Office at (936) 539-7823, option 3.

Shooting Sports Safety Interest List

Helpful Shooting Sports Websites08shotgun

Shooting Sports Guidelines for Montgomery County

District 9 4-H Shooting Sports

Texas 4-H Shooting Sports

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