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Discover Scientific Method Poster Contest

The Discover Scientific Method Research Poster Contest is an avenue for 4-H members to learn about the scientific method, and exhibit their work of research of a question. The daily 4-H Project work can be used to inspire independent discovery on a topic of interest to the member. While following and learning the scientific method, 4-H members can develop another life skill in the field of science.

Texas 4-H Science

District 9 Poster Contest Website

4-H Robotics
The 4-H Robotics curriculum uses robotics as means of engaging youth and developing interesting and challenging experiences with science, engineering, and technology. 4-H Robotics can give youth the opportunity to participate in many 4-H events and activities, as well as apply for scholarships, travel the country and meet new friends!  Contact the 4-H Office for current Robotics project information.

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