Food and Nutrition

NutritionThe 4-H Food and Nutrition project helps participants learn to make healthy food choices, improve energy and alertness, reduce disease and illness risks, and gain knowledge of nutrients.  Major learning experiences are centered around nutrition, menu planning, food buying, preparation and food safety, careers and cultural influences.

Learn By Doing – Food Workshop

TBA 2017 from 10am – 3pm at the Montgomery County Extension Office.

Practice knife safety, use a knife properly, measure liquid and dry ingredients, and garnish a dish.  Please bring at least 2 pieces of fresh fruit with you.  We will be putting together a fruit basket to donate to a local shelter in need.  Lunch will be provided.

Please contact Rachel Cooper at or call 936-539-7823 to sign up.

4-H Food Show

Qualifying participants in the County 4-H Food Show can advance to the District 4-H Food Show, which is part of District Round Up in May. Senior members, 14 and older are then eligible to advance to State competition depending on their placing at District.

County 4-H Food Show:

  • TBA 2017
  • Register by TBA at Event Sign-Up page or by calling 936-539-7823.

District Food Show:

  • Held during District 9 4-H Roundup “Big Time in D-9” TBA 2017 Event information is found on the District 9 4-H Website
  •  Register on 4-H Connect by: TBA 2017

State Food Show:

4-H Food Challenge

The 4-H Food Challenge is a contest that allows participants to demonstrate their culinary knowledge and skills. From a set of predetermined ingredients provided, teams of 3 to 5 4-H members must develop a recipe and prepare the dish within 40 minutes. Teams then make a presentation to a judging panel, explaining the preparation steps, serving size, food safety concerns, nutrition value and cost of the dish.

County Food Challenge – TBA 2017

  • Registration deadline to participate in County show: TBA 2017

District Food Challenge – Held at District 9 4-H Roundup “Big Time in D-9, TBA 2017

State Food Challenge -Held at State 4-H Roundup, June, 2017

  • Register on 4-H Connect by: TBA, 2017
  • Event information found on the State 4-H Website

County Food and Nutrition Committee
The County Food and Nutrition Committee is made of adult volunteers, project leaders and youth members. This committee is responsible for assisting in planning county wide efforts including workshops, training and other support. The committee also provides leadership for the County Food Show & Food Challenge including theme, decorating, judges’ gifts, etc. Please contact the office if you are interested in serving on this committee.

Community Service and Leadership
Check online – the state web site usually puts new service project information up in Sept/Oct. Be creative! Educating others about health and nutrition is a great outreach. Try to organize something with your school, club, church or other groups.

4-H Food & Nutrition Project Resources:
4-H Food Nutrition Resource Guide
4-H Food Project brochure
Foods and Nutrition Majors and Careers

Food Safety Resources
Food Safety – Fight Bac Website


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