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The clothing and textiles project allows youth the opportunity to make a style of their own, be creative in sewing and designing, use basic sewing skills, develop good consumer skills when making and purchasing clothes, and serve the community by using skills learned in this project.  It also focuses on helping young people gain a positive self-concept and be able to confidently put themselves out into the world.

fashionClothing and textiles project experiences can include:

  • Fashion Show
  • Fashion Show Natural Fiber
  • Fashion Storyboard
  • Duds to Dazzle
  • Quilt Challenge
  • Texas 4-H Clothing Advisory Board

More  information about the Clothing & Textiles Project can be found here:  Texas 4-H Clothing & Textiles Packet

4-H Fashion Show

County Fashion Show 2009-2010The 4-H Fashion Show allows members to exhibit skills developed in their clothing projects, including: application of knowledge of fibers and fabrics to wardrobe selection, clothing construction or comparison shopping, fashion interpretation and understanding of style, good grooming and poise, and modeling and presentation of themselves and their garments at the county, district and state levels.

The Fashion Show has two divisions – Buying and Construction, with categories to choose from within each division.  An interview is  a part of all contests. During the Style Show you will have the opportunity to model your garment.

County Fashion Show

District Fashion Show

State Fashion Show

Clothing and Textile Project Resources:


4-H Fashion Storyboard Competition

The 4-H Fashion StoryboardStoryboard is an industry-inspired method of displaying original designs. The best storyboards create vivid visual images that are interesting and appealing. The board uses original illustrations and flats, as well as photos from magazines and the internet, fabric swatches and colored and patterned papers to tell the story of the designers’ ideas.  Participation is this new competition allows members to gain knowledge of the career responsibilities of a fashion designer and illustrator, enhance creativity and originality and develop visual communication skills. 4-H members must submit a storyboard on the day of the various contests that provides a solution to that year’s design brief.

More  information about the Fashion Storyboard contest can be found here:  Texas 4-H Clothing & Textiles Packet

County Competition

District Competition

State Competition


Duds To Dazzle

Youth in the 4-H Clothing & Textile Project learn about fibers and fabrics, wardrobe selection, clothing construction, comparison shopping, fashion interpretation, understanding of style and design, proper grooming, poise in front of others, and personal presentation skills. The Texas 4-H Duds to Dazzle Clothing & Textiles Competition goes one step beyond, utilizing the knowledge and skills learned in the project, while increasing awareness of the impact of the clothing & textile industry on the environment, specifically the waste stream. In the competition, teams of 4-H members will re-design and repurpose discarded garments or textiles into new, viable consumer products.

More  information about Duds to Dazzle can be found here:  Texas 4-H Clothing & Textiles Packet

4-H Quilt Challenge Information

The 4-H Quilt Challenge is a Clothing and Textiles community service project in which individuals, teams groups or clubs complete a quilt using the challenge fabric and donate it to a charity of their choice. Each team will be given a challenge fabric that must be incorporated into the quilt design. All quilts must have some sort of 4-H identification incorporated into their quilt top. The Quilt Challenge will provide youth the opportunity to utilize their sewing skills gained in the 4-H Clothing and Textiles project to complete a quilt that will be judged and then donated to a charity of their choice.

More  information about Duds to Dazzle can be found here:  Texas 4-H Clothing & Textiles Packet

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