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Beef Steak Packs from Aggieland— USDA Choice Beef aged for 21 days prior to hand-cutting. Our steaks are vacuum packaged, quick frozen and shipped in an insulated cooler with cold packs. Our packaging will ensure your meat arrives in excellent condition.   AGGIE RIBEYE STEAK BOX ( 4- 12 oz. USDA choice steaks) $75.00 AGGIE TENDERLOIN STEAK BOX (4- 6 oz. USDA choice steaks) $75.00 AGGIE COMBINATION STEAK BOX (4- 12 oz. ribeye steaks and 4- 6 oz. tenderloin steaks) $140.00 *prices above do not include shipping container… Read More →

Dry-Aged T-Bone Steaks

Dry aging enhances the flavor and tenderness of beef. Our dry-aged t-bone steaks have been dry-aged for 35 days. Terms used to describe dry-aged beef: “buttery and rich, superb in taste and texture, superior in taste and tenderness, mellow and intense, and earthy and nutty” Come in today and pick up a box. (Limited supply) (3 steaks per box. Approximately 4 lbs. per box) $15.99/lb.