Price List

Sides $3.29/lb. Assorted Loin Chops $2.49/lb.
Hindquarter $3.49/lb. Butt Shoulder Roast $1.99/lb.
Forequarter $2.49/lb. Spareribs $2.39/lb.
BEEF STEAKS Baby Back Ribs $3.89/lb.
Ribeye $10.99/lb. Butterfly Loin Chops $3.99/lb.
T-Bone $7.99/lb. Loin Roast $3.39/lb.
Strip $9.79/lb. Boneless Loin Chops $3.99/lb.
Top Blade $3.99/lb. Pork Trim $1.49/lb
Tenderloin $15.49/lb.  Pork Belly (unsmoked)  $2.49/lb.
Bacon Wrapped Tenderloin $18.49/lb. SAUSAGE
Top Sirloin $4.99/lb. Pork Pan Sausage $2.49/lb.
Round $3.39/lb. Bratwurst $2.99/lb.
Skirt (Fajitas) $6.29/lb. Jalapeno & Cheese Bratwurst $3.19/lb.
Flank $5.09/lb. Football Summer Sausage (seasonal) $14.95 ea
BEEF ROASTS Smoked Sausage $3.79/lb.
Chuck $2.99/lb. 5 lb. Smoked Pork Sausage $3.39/lb.
Clod $3.29/lb. Aggieland Sausage $4.09/lb.
Sirloin Tip $3.69/lb. Jalapeno & Cheese Sausage $4.39/lb.
Rump $3.69/lb. Summer Sausage $4.39/lb.
Tenderloin $14.99/lb. Jalapeno & Cheese Summer $4.79/lb.
Brisket (Trimmed) $3.49/lb. Peppered Summer Sausage $4.79/lb.
MARINATED BEEF Beef Stick $4.59/lb.
Beef for Fajitas $4.99/lb.
Aggieland Grillers $4.19/lb. Whole Ham $3.49/lb.
Sirloin Flap $4.69/lb.  Pork Chops  $4.99/lb.
Boneless Ham $4.39/lb.
BEEF CUTS Spiral Sliced Ham $5.49/lb.
Ground Beef 2 lb. $3.59/lb. Sliced Ham $4.89/lb.
          40 lb. box $3.39/lb. Center Slices $4.09/lb.
Ground Beef 1 lb. $3.69/lb. Sliced Bacon $5.99/lb.
          40 lb. box $3.49/lb. Sliced Peppered Bacon $6.29/lb.
Ground Beef Patties $3.99/lb. Slab Bacon (special order) $3.59/lb.
          10 lb. box $3.79/lb. Bacon Ends & Pieces $2.49/lb.
Beef Backribs $1.89/lb. Dried Sausage  $10.71/lb.
Beef Chuck Ribs $3.49/lb. Beef Jerky $32.00/lb.
Stew Meat $3.59/lb. Beef Jerky (1/2 lb. bag) $15.50 ea
Cutlets (cubed steak) $4.79/lb. Snack Stick $10.19/lb.
Ground Sirloin (5 lb. box) $4.49/lb. Teriyaki Jerky $4.50 ea
Chili Meat  $3.69/lb.  Pre-Cooked Brisket $12.49/lb.
STEAK BOXES Smoked Pork Tenderloin (seasonal) $12.99/lb.
High Quality Strip $10.69/lb. Rump Portions $2.09/lb.
High Quality Ribeye $13.99/lb. Shank Portions $1.99/lb.
Ham Hocks $1.99/lb.
Pre-Cooked Prime Rib Roast Call for $
Variety Steak Box: $49.99 Sausage Wrap $3.00 ea
Sirloin Steaks 2 steaks 4 pk Sausage Wrap $6.99 ea
T-Bone Steaks 2 steaks LAMB
Strip Steaks 2 steaks
Variety Pack: $69.99 French Lamb Rack $14.99/lb.
Top Blade Steaks 6 steaks Shoulder Roast $4.99/lb.
Cutlets 2 steaks Lamb Chops $9.99/lb.
Ground Beef 8 pounds Leg Roast (semi-bnls) $5.99/lb.
Pork Pan Sausage 2 pounds Ground Lamb $5.99/lb.
Beef Shoulder Roast 1 roast Ribs $4.99/lb.
Strip Steaks 2 steaks Sirloin Chops $7.69/lb.
Pork Loin Assorted Chops 8 chops Shanks $4.69/lb.
Beef Heads $25.00 ea Large Steak Seasoning $5.99 ea
Pork Heads $0.59/lb. Small Steak Seasoning $3.99 ea
Pork Fat & Skin $0.60/lb. Cheese $7.69/lb.
Oxtails $4.49/lb.  Snack Cheese  $1.00 ea
Smoked Dog Bones  $9.25 ea

 Beef Top Sirloin Cap           “Picanha” or “Coulotte”

$4.69/lb.  Prices subject to change without notice

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66 Responses to Price List

  1. Harry Sharp, II says:

    How is the best way to prepare to prepare the jalepeno and cheese sausage wrap?

  2. James Orr says:

    I have 2 questions.

    What is the street address of the meat store? I’m about 125 miles away, so I’d like to see it on a map before driving there.

    If a person buys a forequarter, hindquarter, or a side, is that sold cut and packaged, or is it sold whole?

    Thank you…..james

    • Mica Ham says:

      We do not have a physical address, but we do have a map on our web page under contact us. The name of the on-campus street we are closest to is Olsen Blvd.
      Our beef sides are sold cut and packaged.

  3. Travis Treadway says:

    What does your beef side, hind quarters, and forequarter consist of approximately? How many pounds do they average?

    • Mica Ham says:

      The weights average 380-400 lbs for a side. For cuts you choose strip steaks and tenderloin or T-bone, Sirloin, Round, Roasts, ground beef… If you would like further information on sides, please give us a call. 979-845-5651. The side is $ 2.69/lb.

  4. Courtney King says:

    Can I buy honey online and have it mailed to my home? Can you tell me the price and size bottle for the honey?


    • Mica Ham says:

      We are currently sold out of Aggie Honey. The demand has been so high that we are not taking pre orders. We hope to get another supply on Monday. Please call Monday 979-845-5651. If we have it in stock, we will gladly complete your order over the phone. Yes, we can ship! The prices are 4.4 oz $4.50, 16 oz $10.00, and 32 oz $20.00.
      Mica N. Ham
      Rosenthal Store Manager
      Department of Animal Science
      Rosenthal Meat Science and Technology Center
      Office 979.845.5651
      Fax 979.847.8615

  5. David Davidson says:

    I have a Aggie ham bought at thanksgiving that we never opened. It has been refrigerated since then. Is it still ok to eat? How long are the cured hams good?

    • Mica Ham says:

      Yes, the ham is still good, maybe a bit slimy. You may give it a rinse and pat dry if you like. The cured hams are good for at least 60 days if they are still in their original sealed packaging. If you aren’t going to eat it right away, I would freeze it.

  6. Kristin Neathery says:

    I don’t see it listed but I was told that you sell fresh eggs. Is that true?

    • Mica Ham says:

      Poultry Science no longer sells the eggs. Sorry!

  7. Charles mcguire says:

    We just got back from Germany and loved the rotisserie pork knuckles, aka ham hocks. Do you sell fresh (not smoked) ham hocks? Thanks

    • Mica Ham says:

      This is a special order item and may not be available at all times. Please call the store at 979-845-5651

  8. ted says:

    no longer have a truck. Is there any way of ordering a side and getting it to Houston. Thanks Ted.

    • Mica Ham says:

      Ted, I do not recommend shipping a side. If you have friends or family that may be coming our way, we would be happy to assist them in picking up your purchase.

  9. Rachel Boswell says:

    How long do the football sausages last?

    • rriley says:

      The football sausage should last another month if it remains under refrigeration.

  10. J. Tyler says:

    What cuts are part of a side of beef and how much of each cut? What is the average weight of a side?

    • Mica Ham says:

      Beef Side cuts are: T-bone steak or tenderloin steak and Strip Steak, Sirloin Steak, Round Steak, Rump Roast, Tip Roast, Ground Beef, Ribeye Steak or Ribeye Roast, Clod Roast, Chuck Roast, Blade Steak, Brisket, Short Ribs, and Skirt Steak. The average weight of a side is 375-400 lbs. hanging weight. at $3.29/LB. We do have 2 high choice sides available for immediate pick up for $3.79/LB. The select side at $3.29/LB. will be approximately a one month wait from the date of order. If you have further questions regarding sides, please give the store a call at 979-845-5651.

  11. Rose W. says:

    Do you accept the Lone Star card.

    • Mica Ham says:

      We do not accept Lone Star Card. We do accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Cash and Check.

  12. Dane Schlossberg says:

    does the aggie jerky really need to be refrigerated? I have not in the past. Thanks!

    • Mica Ham says:

      All of our jerky bags do say keep refrigerated. It is not necessary. We put that on there as a suggestion for freshness purposes. As long as you do not store the jerky in a humid, hot environment,it will be fine not kept in fridge.

  13. Katherine says:

    Do you guys sell turkey jerky?

  14. Hank Lee says:

    Can I use dining dollars to buy meat in meat science and technology center?

    • ray.riley says:

      Sorry Hank, but the Rosenthal Center is not part of TAMU food service. Therefore, dining dollars cannot be used. We get this question frequently.

  15. edward saiz says:

    How much is a side of beef currently being sold for?

    • megan.carter says:

      Our current price for the beef sides are 3.29/lb. We also have 2 high-choice pre-cut sides available for 3.79/lb.

  16. Margaret says:

    Do you accept long distance orders with dry ice delivery? I have heard from an alum that this may be possible. If so, what is the ordering process?


    • megan.carter says:

      We can ship anywhere in the United States. We pack everything in a insulated container and ice packs. If you would like to place an order, please call our store at 979-845-5651 and we can take your order over the phone!

  17. Kendra says:

    Do you have Aggie Honey available yet this fall?

  18. Lee Dewbre says:

    Does the football sausage have to be refrigerated before opening the package or only after opening?

    • megan.carter says:

      Yes, the summer sausage should be refrigerated before opening, along with after.

  19. James W. Maxey says:

    I need your address. Like your prices.

    • megan.carter12 says:

      We do not have a physical address but we are located in Lot 74 on Olsen Blvd.

  20. Denise says:

    The Variety Pack says $69.99/lb. should that read $69.99 for the whole pack?

  21. Burton L Kelley Jr says:

    I was wondering if you have untrimmed briskets for sale and how much?

    • megan.carter12 says:

      All of our briskets are retail trimmed. They are $3.49/lb.

  22. Anne says:

    On the lamb, how is it packaged? The ground lamb by the pound? How much do you need to buy? On the shanks? Each one separately? How many do we need to buy? I kknow the ground beef comes in boxes, is that the way the lamb is packaged? How about the peppered bacon? I want to order, I just need to now how much of each to order.

  23. DONA CHILCOAT says:

    I’d like to order a Variety Steak Box and have it shipped. Can you tell me how to accomplish that?


    • megan.carter12 says:

      You can call our store at 979-845-5651 and we can get your order!

  24. Alexa Turner says:

    I would like a boneless pork shoulder butt roast, is this available?

  25. Richard says:

    What items can be shipped to APO? (assume 7-10 day delivery time)
    Could I grab some sausage and do the cooler with dry ice thing and hope for the best? Sausage doesn’t really “go bad”.

    Do you do any bulk discounts on the jerky?

    • megan.carter12 says:

      The only thing we would feel that would be safe with that long of a travel time would be dried, shelf stable products. Jerky, snack sticks and dried sausage.

      We do not offer any discounts for our jerky. We have 1/2# bags for $14.50 each.

  26. Jennifer Trillsch says:

    Do you have any skin-on pork knuckle?

    Gig ‘Em!

    • megan.carter12 says:

      Not sure if it is what you are looking for, but we do have skin on smoked Ham Hocks.

  27. Meg Welch says:

    Do you ship to APO/DPO? We are Texans who have wandered into eastern Europe. Delivery time for DPO/APO here is about a week from Texas.

    • megan.carter12 says:

      No, due to our contract with FedEx, we only ship to physical addresses in the United States. Sorry!

  28. Ron Stevens says:

    Do you have smoked brisket. I heard that you are doing this now.

    • megan.carter12 says:

      Yes we do. We have two different types, Traditional (Sweet BBQ) and Central Texas (Salt & Pepper). Both are $9.49/lb.

  29. Karen says:

    Do you ship everywhere in the US or just Texas? Also how soon would I need to order a brisket in order to have it on Thanksgiving

    • megan.carter12 says:

      We can ship to any physical address within the US. Cost depends on product and destination of the package. We will begin taking Thanksgiving orders the first week of November.

  30. Nikki says:

    Do you sell sweetbreads, livers and other organs?

  31. Monica says:

    How long will your smoked brisket keep in the refrigerator?

    • megan.carter12 says:

      Approx. 45 days if kept in the vacuum sealed packaging. If you think it will be longer, freeze.

  32. Nannette Sloan says:

    Are the Chuck Riba the same as the sino ribs or ribs similar to those sold at Franklin’s in Austin?

    • r-riley says:

      The chuck short ribs are a 4 bone beef rib and the plate short ribs are a 3 bone beef rib. Both are used as the Dino beef rib found at your popular BBQ establishments.

  33. Victor julio says:

    good afternoon … I would like to order 10 pieces of Beef Top Sirloin Cap “Picanha” or “Coulotte” … how would the purchase process be … and if they have customer service in Spanish

    • gail-destry says:

      I am currently out of stock of Picanha. I will take your email address down and as soon as I have it back in stock I will let you know via email.

  34. John Hernandez says:

    Do you all sell box of manudo and if yes how much is the box or lb. sell for? need some for this weekend. please email me .

    • gail-destry says:

      We do not sell menudo. Thank you for checking with us.

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