Price List

Sides $3.69/lb. Assorted Loin Chops $2.49/lb.
Hindquarter $3.89/lb. Butt Shoulder Roast $1.99/lb.
Forequarter $3.39/lb. Spareribs $2.89/lb.
BEEF STEAKS Baby Back Ribs $3.89/lb.
Ribeye $12.99/lb. Butterfly Loin Chops $3.99/lb.
T-Bone $10.49/lb. Loin Roast $3.39/lb.
Strip $10.49/lb. Boneless Loin Chops $3.99/lb.
Top Blade $3.99/lb. Pork Trim $1.49/lb
Tenderloin $18.00/lb.  Pork Belly (unsmoked)  $2.49/lb.
Bacon Wrapped Tenderloin $19.99/lb. SAUSAGE
Top Sirloin $6.99/lb. Pork Pan Sausage $2.99/lb.
Skirt (Fajitas) $6.99/lb. Bratwurst $3.49/lb.
Flank $6.99/lb. Jalapeno & Cheese Bratwurst $3.89/lb.
Football Summer Sausage (seasonal) $14.95 ea
BEEF ROASTS Smoked Sausage $3.79/lb.
Chuck $4.99/lb. 5 lb. Smoked Pork Sausage $3.39/lb.
Clod $4.49/lb. Aggieland Sausage $4.09/lb.
Sirloin Tip $3.69/lb. Jalapeno & Cheese Sausage $4.39/lb.
Rump $3.69/lb. Summer Sausage $4.39/lb.
Tenderloin $14.99/lb. Jalapeno & Cheese Summer $4.79/lb.
Brisket (Trimmed) $4.49/lb. Peppered Summer Sausage $4.79/lb.
MARINATED BEEF Beef Stick $4.59/lb.
Beef for Fajitas $4.99/lb.
Aggieland Grillers $5.99/lb. Whole Ham $3.49/lb.
Sirloin Flap $5.29/lb.  Pork Chops  $4.99/lb.
Boneless Ham $4.39/lb.
BEEF CUTS Spiral Sliced Ham $5.49/lb.
Ground Beef 2 lb. $3.89/lb. Sliced Ham $4.89/lb.
          40 lb. box $3.69/lb. Center Slices $4.09/lb.
Ground Beef 1 lb. $3.99/lb. Sliced Bacon $6.49/lb.
          40 lb. box $3.79/lb. Sliced Peppered Bacon $6.79/lb.
Ground Beef Patties $4.29/lb. Slab Bacon (special order) $3.59/lb.
          10 lb. box $3.99/lb. Bacon Ends & Pieces $2.49/lb.
Beef Backribs $2.99/lb. Dried Sausage  $10.99/lb.
Beef Chuck Ribs $4.49/lb. Beef Jerky $32.00/lb.
Stew Meat $4.99/lb. Beef Jerky (1/2 lb. bag) $15.50 ea
Cutlets (cubed steak) $4.99/lb. Snack Stick $10.99/lb.
Ground Sirloin (5 lb. box) $4.49/lb. Teriyaki Jerky $4.50 ea
Chili Meat  $3.69/lb.  Pre-Cooked Brisket $12.49/lb.
STEAK BOXES Smoked Pork Tenderloin (seasonal) $12.99/lb.
High Quality Strip $11.99/lb. Rump Portions $2.09/lb.
High Quality Ribeye $14.99/lb. Shank Portions $1.99/lb.
Ham Hocks $1.99/lb.
Pre-Cooked Prime Rib Roast Call for $
Variety Steak Box: $49.99 Sausage Wrap $3.00 ea
Sirloin Steaks 2 steaks 4 pk Sausage Wrap $6.99 ea
T-Bone Steaks 2 steaks LAMB
Strip Steaks 2 steaks
Variety Pack: $85.00 French Lamb Rack $14.99/lb.
Top Blade Steaks 6 steaks Shoulder Roast $4.99/lb.
Cutlets 2 steaks Lamb Chops $9.99/lb.
Ground Beef 8 pounds Leg Roast (semi-bnls) $5.99/lb.
Pork Pan Sausage 2 pounds Ground Lamb $5.99/lb.
Beef  Roast 1 roast Ribs $4.99/lb.
Strip Steaks 2 steaks Sirloin Chops $7.69/lb.
Pork Loin Assorted Chops 8 chops Shanks $4.69/lb.
Beef Heads $25.00 ea Large Steak Seasoning $6.99 ea
Pork Heads $0.59/lb. Small Steak Seasoning $3.99 ea
Pork Fat & Skin $0.60/lb. Cheese $7.69/lb.
Oxtails $5.29/lb.  Snack Cheese  $1.00 ea
Smoked Dog Bones  $9.25 ea

 Beef Top Sirloin Cap           “Picanha” or “Coulotte”

$4.69/lb.  Prices subject to change without notice

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