Cured and Smoked Products

Whole Ham $3.49/lb. Beef Jerky (singles) $30.00/lb.
Beef Jerky (1/2 lb. bag) $14.50 ea.
Boneless Ham $4.39/lb. Snack Stick $10.19/lb.
Spiral Sliced Ham $5.49/lb. Teriyaki Jerky $4.50 ea.
Sliced Ham $4.89/lb.  Dried Sausage  $10.71/lb.
Center Slices $4.09/lb. Smoked Pork Tenderloin $12.99/lb.
Sliced Bacon $5.59/lb.  Pre-cooked Brisket $9.49/lb.
Sliced Peppered Bacon $5.89/lb.
Slab Bacon (special order) $3.59/lb. Ham Hocks $1.99/lb.
Bacon Ends & Pieces $2.49/lb. Pre-Cooked Prime Rib Roast Call for $
Smoked Pork Chops $4.99/lb. Smoked Dog Bones $9.25 ea.

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14 Responses to Cured and Smoked Products

  1. Vicki Lubarsky says:

    What are beef jerky singles?

    • Mica Ham says:

      We sell our peppered jerky in a half pound bag at $12.50 per bag and a single. The singles are smaller portions of the peppered jerky, normally 2-3 pieces ranging in price from $3-$4 per bag.

  2. Vicki Lubarsky says:

    What part and how long are the dog bones? Can they be cut smaller, if quite large?

    • Mica Ham says:

      We smoke the femur. The femur is approximately 10-12 inches in length. We do not cut them smaller, but I have personally cut the bone in half with a hand saw.

  3. Kristie Stramaski says:

    Is it possible to get the femur bones for dogs raw?

    • Mica Ham says:

      Yes, we can get you a raw bone. We may not have them on hand right away, but can get you one at time of harvest.

  4. Jim says:

    Do you ever have pork belly or extra thick sliced bacon?

    • megan.carter says:

      We do have pork belly by special order. If you can call our store at 979-845-5651 we would be happy to get what you need.

  5. Courtney Parker says:

    How many pounds would you need for four people of the spiral sliced ham? Also when would you need to order by for Christmas?

    • megan.carter says:

      Our spiral hams are about 6-8 lbs. These orders should be place by this Friday, December 11th. Please call our store if you would like to place an order or have any additional questions.

  6. kelly Clarke says:

    What do you have in vacuumed sealed bags for jerky and sausage?

    • megan.carter12 says:

      All of our perishable sausages are vacuumm sealed along with our snack sticks and dried sausage. The only thing that is not vacuum sealed is our peppered beef jerky and teriyaki jerky.

  7. William Dugan says:

    Does your whole ham come with the rind on? Personally I prefer it that way.

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