Sides $3.69/lb. Beef for Fajitas $4.99/lb.
Hindquarter $3.89/lb. Marinated Tri Tip $6.29/lb.
Forequarter $3.39/lb. Aggieland Grillers $4.99/lb.
BEEF STEAKS Sirloin Flap $5.29/lb.
Ribeye $12.99/lb
T-Bone $10.49/lb. BEEF CUTS
Strip $10.49/lb. Ground Beef 2 lb. $3.89/lb
Top Blade $3.99/lb.           40 lb. box $3.69/lb.
Tenderloin $18.00/lb. Ground Beef 1 lb. $3.99/lb.
Bacon Wrapped Tenderloin $19.99/lb.           40 lb. box $3.79/lb.
Top Sirloin $6.99/lb. Ground Beef Patties $4.29/lb.
Round $3.79/lb.           10 lb. box $3.99/lb.
Skirt (Fajitas) $6.99/lb. Beef Backribs $2.99/lb.
Flank $6.99/lb. Beef Chuck Ribs $4.49/lb.
BEEF ROASTS Stew Meat $4.99/lb.
Chuck $4.99/lb. Chili Meat $3.69/lb.
Clod $4.49/lb. Ground Sirloin (5lb. box) $4.49/lb.
Sirloin Tip $3.69/lb. Cutlets (cubed steak)  $4.99/lb.
Rump $3.69/lb.  BEEF VARIETY MEATS
Tenderloin $14.99/lb. Beef Heads $25.00 ea.
Brisket (trimmed) $4.49/lb. Oxtails $4.49/lb.

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