Pre-Cooked Prime Rib Roasts

Prime Rib PlateThe Rosenthal Center offers a delicious way to celebrate.  The sumptuous flavor of our Pre-Cooked Prime Rib Roasts will enhance your celebration.  Each whole, boneless ribeye is seasoned with our special blend of spices, hickory smoked, and slow roasted.  This beef roast has an impressive appearance and will be very satisfying to you and your guests.  An ideal selection for any occasion because it’s so easy to prepare, and boneless for trouble free carving.

Directions For Heating

To prepare:  Remove from plastic bag and wrap in foil.  Place in a 300°F oven and monitor with a meat thermometer until desired internal temperature is reached.  Recommended internal temperature:  135°F  Approximate time:  2.5 – 3.5 hours. Cook time will vary based on weight and oven temperature.

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  1. Louise G says:

    Is the prime rib available all the time? How much is the price per pound? What is the average size?

    • Blythe Warlick says:

      How much is your prime rib and is it available now?

      • Mica Ham says:

        It is available by special order. Today is the last day to order for pick up on Dec 11th. December 13th is the cut off date for pick up on Dec. 17th. Give our store a call at 979-845-5651 to place your order.

  2. Jackie Bell says:

    I like my meat well done. What is the cooking time and temperature?

    • rriley says:

      160 & greater is well done. Cooking time will depend on the temperature of the heating source. The Pre-cooked Prime Rib Roasts are already cooked. You just need to heat them up. Heating these roasts to 160 internally will decrease the palatability.

    • Dianne Williams says:

      I have a 19 lb. precooked prime rib boneless roast. Most everyone likes it medium well done. How long do I cook without drying it out. I want it juicy, but not bloody.

      • r-riley says:

        The rib is already cooked. All you have to do is reheat it. Follow the directions on our website or the directions on the label.

  3. james alford says:

    We have purchased one of these roast for so many years and each year they seem to get better! I beleive the only reason we have guest for Christmas dinner is the roast! That’s the first question they ask…Are we having “the roast”. Good meat and good people……they know how to make your Christmas dinner a success! Be back next year…

  4. Sandy Rodgers says:

    What is average size of Prime Rib Roast?

    • Mica Ham says:

      Precooked Prime Rib Roasts average between 9-12 lbs.

    • Mary McKay says:

      Please give us a price. Can we still order to have by Christmas?

      • Mica Ham says:

        The price was $11.49/LB. The order deadline was Friday. We may have prime ribs available where an order was not picked up. If you will call the store, we can put your name and number on a wait list.Thank you.

  5. Claire says:

    I have a 13# roast – I need to know how many minutes per # at what tempature for Med rare.

    • rriley says:

      Your roast from Rosenthal is already cooked. You only need to heat up. To prepare: Remove from plastic bag and wrap in foil. Place in a 300°F oven and monitor with a meat thermometer until desired internal temperature is reached. Recommended internal temperature: 135°F Approximate time: 2.5 – 3.5 hours. Cook time will vary based on weight and oven temperature.

    • Mica Ham says:

      Directions For Heating

      To prepare: Remove from plastic bag and wrap in foil. Place in a 300°F oven and monitor with a meat thermometer until desired internal temperature is reached. Recommended internal temperature: 135°F Approximate time: 2.5 – 3.5 hours. Cook time will vary based on weight and oven temperature.

  6. Michael Mays says:

    The National Food Service Management Institute says ” ” . Why do you say to cook this precooked food to 135°F?

    • ray.riley says:

      From the Food Code. First, all of the reheating guidelines are for “hot holding” of the food, which is different than reheating something to serve/eat it. But even if you were reheating for hot holding, 3-403.11(C), should apply to the prime rib, and the temperature stated for it is 135°F.

  7. Krishelle Hanson says:

    How much would it cost for two pre-cooked prime ribs to be sent to my home. Do they come with au jus?

    • megan.carter says:

      Our Prime Ribs are $12.49/lb and range between 10-12 lbs. To ship them we must put them in a insulated cooler which costs $20 plus the additional shipping cost of FedEx Express to overnight them to get to you the next day. They do not come with the au jus sauce. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

  8. Sharon Tran says:

    Do you do bone-in prime rib and what is the cost to ship to 89148?

    • megan.carter says:

      We currently do not have any bone-in prime ribs at this time. We only have boneless prime ribs, pre-cooked. Those are $12.49/lb. To ship it is $20.00 for the shipping container and packaging materials, and Fedex express overnight shipping because of it being a perishable item.

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    • megan.carter says:

      We try to have them available as often as possible, we do have them at all holidays. The price per pound is $12.99/lb and they are about 10 lbs on average.

  10. Christin Supercynski says:

    Is there a link to order these from? I would like to order one for our Thanksgiving dinner

    • megan.carter12 says:

      We will begin taking orders the first week of November. You can email us or call our store then to reserve yours!

  11. james alford says:

    If it is not too early, I want a large prime rib roast for the Christmas holidays/

    • megan.carter12 says:

      You can call our store at 979-845-5651 and order your prime rib. We have all order forms ready!

  12. Kristi Smoth says:

    Having 26 guest for Christmas Day dinner. How many roasts would we need? I’ve read your reheating instructions but should the roasts be brought to room temp first before reheating? Is the flavor or med rare red color compromised when reheated? We’ve never done this or purchased your roasts and it seems a little scary with this many guests! Yikes! 🙂
    Thank you!

    • r-riley says:

      I would purchase 2 ribs. You should get about 15 servings per rib. I would not bring them to room temperature before reheating. Color and flavor will be ok. Make sure you use a meat thermometer. The rib is already cooked, all you are doing is reheating. Don’t be scared. You will be the hit of the party.

  13. Laurie Eaton says:

    I just bought a precooked prime rib for Christmas dinner. Can I freeze it?

    • r-riley says:

      You can freeze it. However, since it is vacuum packaged and you plan to have it for Christmas dinner, it will be ok at refrigerated temperatures.

  14. Bill Todd says:

    Does a precooked prime rib need to be seared at 450degrees for a few minutes and then dropped to 300degrees for the warming time?

    • r-riley says:

      You do not need to sear this rib. It is precooked and all you need to do is reheat it. Follow the directions on or website or the directions on the silver label.

  15. Lucy says:

    I bought a pre-cooked boneless prime rib. Cooked it according to package directions. Outside was moist and tender. Inside though still pink and 120 degrees was tough. Where did I go wrong?

    • megan.carter12 says:

      Our suggested internal temperature is 135 degrees. You might try cooking it alittle longer next time.

  16. Terri says:

    I’ve had one in the deep freezer for awhile.
    How do I know if we can still prepare and serve it?
    Or if I wasted it by waiting too long?

    • megan.carter12 says:

      As long as it has been frozen the entire time, there should not be a problem with it. Thaw and prepare according to heating instructions.

  17. Anne says:

    How long will pre-cooked vacuum sealed prime rib keep in refrigerator before I should freeze it?

    • r-riley says:

      If the vacuum seal is still good, I would expect 30 days. If this is a rib you purchased in December, I would freeze it soon. I wouldn’t go any longer than this weekend.

  18. Krissy says:

    I have a whole Prime Rib (precooked). I just put in oven on low about 1 hour ago and realized I have to leave the house for 5-6 hours for emergency medical twsting. I have pulled it from the over 20 min ago. I sealed it with the juices in the roaster with foil. Should I leave in oven? Put back in fridge.??? I don’t wanna ruin it, or dry it out. How should I store it til I get back home. Help!?!?

    • megan.carter12 says:

      Place it back in the refrigerator and start over again when you are able to.

  19. No meat thermometer how long can I cook at 250 degrees?

    • megan.carter12 says:

      If you are reheating a pre-cooked prime rib roast from the Rosenthal Center, we recommend cooking at 300 degrees for about 2.5-3 hours, until internal temperature reaches 135 degrees. However, cook time will vary based on size and being 7 lbs it will be a smaller roast. We HIGHLY recommend getting a meat thermometer to verify that is has reached correct internal temperature.

  20. Pam U says:

    What is the deadline for ordering Pre-Cooked Prime Rib Roasts for Christmas 2017?

    • megan.carter12 says:

      For shipping orders, orders must be placed by Dec 8th and all pick up orders must be placed by Dec 15th.

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