Water Quality Monitoring Volunteering

water monitoring

The Highland Bayou Project has enlisted the help of volunteers to monitor the water quality along the Highland Bayou. Our Volunteers have undergone three phases of training through the Texas Stream Team program. The are trained to monitor the following parameters:

  • Air Temperature
  • Water Temperature
  • Water Transparency
  • Total Depth
  • Water Clarity, Color and Odor
  • Dissolved Oxygen
  • pH
  • Salinity/Conductivity

Our volunteers collect and analyze water samples once a month. Volunteers receive free training and equipment to prepare them for monitoring water quality in Highland Bayou. The training and equipment given to our volunteers is free.  The monitoring stations where they collect their samples are key in further understanding the water quality situation in the bayou. The data collection help us understand which are the critical areas in the bayou that should be continuously monitored and it may also indicate a potential source of impairment. The effort and time dedicated by our volunteers is invaluable. If you are interested in joining the effort as a water quality monitor, please fill out the form below:

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