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You can click here to open and download the Stakeholder Interest Form, instructions for sending the form to the project team are included.

Or, you can fill out our online Stakeholder Interest Form

The participant survey is an important first step in the planning process. Eligible participants are all individuals having an interest in the outcomes of this bayou water quality project. If you are a business, agency, not-for-profit, or individual resident, we believe you have a stake in this process.

Use the forms on this page to tell the project team that you would like to be contacted about participating or to be kept informed about developments. The goal of reaching out to participants is to hear your concerns about:

  • Conditions in and around the bayous
  • How the bayous are (or aren’t) used
  • How your work or lifestyle depends upon the bayous

And, because bayou health depends upon activities on the surrounding land, we would like to hear about how our communities should plan for 50,000 additional residents forecast to move into the project area by the year 2035. To learn more about these forecasts, please visit the HGAC 2035 Regional Growth Forecast page.


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