Actions Matter

In the pages above, you will learn how your everyday actions have an impact on our bayou, bays, drinking water and contact recreation water. Every individual effort makes a difference. Some changes are small and only require simple behavioral changes, while others are more substantial and may require spending some money initially to cut costs for the long run. However, all of the actions mentioned in this section have one thing in common: they will all benefit your family, your community and the environment.

An even stronger and more effective approach to obtaining and maintaining a healthy watershed is through community action. The following are some ways that you can become part of the solution:

  • Participate in neighborhood clean-up activities
  • Get involved in local planning and zoning decisions
  • Encourage your municipal officials to develop and follow erosion and sediment control ordinances
  • Write or call your elected local representative to make sure they are aware of water quality issues and the importance of protecting water quality
  • Participate in community education activities to inform citizens about ways they can help protect water quality
  • Become an active participant in the Highland Bayou Watershed Protection Plan





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