White nose syndrome

According to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service:

“White-nose syndrome is a disease responsible for unprecedented mortality in hibernating bats in eastern North America. This previously unknown disease has spread very rapidly since its discovery in the winter of 2006/2007, and poses a considerable threat to hibernating bats throughout North America. As WNS spreads, the challenges for understanding and managing the disease continue to increase. Given the complexity of the problems facing state and federal wildlife agencies, a highly coordinated effort is required to effectively manage WNS and conserve species of bats. The National Plan for Assisting States, Federal Agencies and Tribes in Managing White-Nose Syndrome in Bats details the elements that are critical to the investigation and management of WNS, identifies key action items to address stated goals, and outlines the roles of agencies and entities involved in the WNS response.”

This page will serve as a reference for material that pertains to this problem.

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