Spot a bat at school? Take action

1. Do not try to capture the bat unless you have been trained to handle bats.

2. Immediately notify a school official at the site. Keep calling until you reach someone. District personnel should respond immediately to capture and secure the bat.

3. Remove all students, staff, and visitors from the area.

  • If the bat is in a room or a large area such as a gym or band hall, have all the occupants leave the room, and secure the doors.
  • If the bat is in a hallway, isolate the hallway and ask the students or staff in nearby rooms to close their doors and stay in the rooms until the bat is captured and secured.
  • If the bat is on the outside wall of a building, keep people away until the bat is removed.

4. If a person has been bitten, have him or her thoroughly wash the wound, hands, etc., with soap and water immediately.

5. Identify all people who came into direct contact with the bat. Direct contact with a bat means touching it, handling it, or being bitten by it. Just seeing a bat is not direct contact.

Record each person’s full name, age, home address, parent or guardian name(s), and phone numbers. This information will be used to inform them of the rabies test results.

Handle this information confidentially. Give it to a school official who will release it only to the proper authorities.

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