Hoary bat

Hoary bat (Copyright photo by Merlin D. Tuttle, Bat Conservation International, www.batcon.org)

Lasiurus cinereus

Wingspan: 13–17 in.

Length: 5–6 in.

Weight: 0.7–0.88 oz

Color: Large, distinctively marked bat with long, narrow wings. Fur is long, soft, and dark brown to black at the base, followed by a broad band of cream color, then a slightly narrower band of mahogany brown, tipped with white. The outer three colors are visible from the surface, giving the fur a hoary appearance.

Other: Contrasting white markings on wrists and shoulders easily distinguish this species.

Roosting behavior: During summer, prefers tree roosts that are in edge habitats close to feeding grounds.

Reaches peak activity at about 5 hours after sunset. May occasionally be seen flying on warm winter afternoons.

Human encounters: Usually occur when the mother drops the young during transport or during storms.

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