Bat management plan for schools

School officials and integrated pest management (IPM) coordinators should implement a bat management plan to prevent potential health problems associated with bats and to respond quickly and appropriately to bat sightings. The plan should address prevention, training, and  response.

Preventive measures should include procedures for:

  • Preventing bat entry
  • Preventing human/bat contact
  • Preventing rabies transmission

Training steps should include:

  • Designating and training responders for each campus or facility
  • Educating all faculty, staff, and students on who to contact and what to do if a bat has been sighted

The response plan for dealing with bats found on school property should include procedures for:

  • Removing a single bat
  • Responding to a bat bite
  • Responding to a rabies confirmation
  • Removing a bat colony
  • Working with private contractors if necessary

To prepare for incidents with potentially rabid animals, school officials should also develop templates for parent notification and student education.

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