Incorporating GI/LID and Nature Based Systems into the Denton County Hazard Mitigation Plan



This project is a collaboration among the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension and the City of Denton.

The initiative aims to implement “green” infrastructure and low-impact development into Denton County’s Hazard Mitigation Plan. The interventions would address urban stormwater’s negative impact on environmental and human health.

“These practices have been shown to be effective in reducing runoff volume as well as typical urban pollutants such as total suspended solids, bacteria, nitrogen, phosphorus and other typical pollutants,”

Goals and expectations of the project.

  • analysis of the current status of NHMP, GI/LID ordinances/regulations
  • working with stakeholder groups
  • developing tool (GIS) to enhance GI/LID adoption in NHMP
  • developing recommendations for the implementation of the GI/LID NHMPs

Final Report:

Incorporating Green Infrastructure into the Denton County Texas Hazard Mitigation Plan

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