Green Star designed this half-acre stormwater wetland for Tarrant Regional Water District in Fort Worth.

Stormwater Wetland designed by our group at Tarrant Regional Water District Headquarters

The goal of the program is to provide research based assessment of various Ecological Engineering practices through field experimentation and modeling. The program aims at disseminating sound design, construction and maintenance information about these practices through workshops and cooperative collaboration with engineers, landscape architects, planners, the general public and municipal entities. The wide adoption of these practices in Texas Cities and beyond is the ultimate goal of this program.  Some of our project include:

Low Impact Development Evaluation

Rowlett Creek Watershed Characterization

Urban Riparian & Stream Restoration Program

Incorporating Green Infrastructure/Low Impact Development, Open Space, and Nature Based Systems into the Denton County Hazard Mitigation Plan

AC Condensate Re-Use

Grey Water Re-Use


Water Conservation Practices



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