jaber.fouadFouad Jaber, PhD, PE

Professor and Extension Specialist in Integrated Water Resources Management
Texas A&M AgriLife Extension

Dr. Jaber’s research emphasis is integrated water resources management. His area of study is focused on best management practices to mitigate the harmful effects of urbanization on stormwater volume and water quality. He test the effectiveness of green infrastructure (GI) and low impact development (LID) practices such as porous pavement, bio-retention areas, green roofs, rainwater harvesting and wet detention ponds. Dr. Jaber also conducts research in water reuse in urban settings including greywater and A/C condensate reuse.

Current and Former Graduate Associates and Assistants

  • Adiba Halim (Current)
  • Victoria Prideaux (Current)
  • Barida Heidari, PhD (Current)
  • Saima Kursheed, PhD
  • Michelle Wood-Ramirez
  • Sarah Pickett
  • Sunehali Sharma, PhD
  • Sandhya Mohan
  • David Waidler
  • Omar Al-Qudah, PhD
  • Angelica Huerta
  • Mike Simanonok
  • Nick Ryan
  • Emily Guzik

Graduate Students

  • Cynthuja Partheeban (Current)
  • Michelle Wood-Ramirez (Current)
  • Nick Russo III (Current)
  • Jackie Rambo MSc
  • Destiny Russell MSc
  • Sonia Zamarripa MSc
  • Shashi Kant, PhD
  • Mijin Seo, PhD

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