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XeriscapeWater Conservation is an important habit that we all need to consider in our day-to-day life. In order to coexist in a desert locale we must find alternative ways to stretch our watersource. Most of us enjoy having a green lawn and a bountiful garden, but this really isn’t practical in our arid environment. Therefore we’d like to introduce you to the concept of Xeriscaping.  This is a type of landscaping that acknowledges water conservation and ecological processes as key players, while providing the homeowner with a beautiful alternative to high water use landscape.

Demonstration Garden at El Paso Center

At the El Paso Research and Extension Center we have provided a creative landscape designed to be used as a model for xeriscaping, native to our very own Chihuahua desert, but we’ve also provided a variety of plants from different regions. All of these plants require small quantities of water for growth. There are many colorful flowers, shrubs and trees that thrive in a desert home. They demonstrate that with a correct landscape plan, regional gardens can be watertight and beautiful. By contrast, a traditional landscape requires irrigation that can account for 40-60% of your summer water use. A Watertight landscape plan is not only beautiful but will typically use less fertilizer, and pesticide.

Photo Tour Garden

Award Winning Cactus Garden at El Paso Center

The High Desert Cactus Garden at the Texas AgriLife Research Center at El Paso, was created by the El Paso Master Gardeners and El Paso AgriLife Extension to demonstrate landscape techniques that are low water use, low maintenance and low cost. The garden provides education on methods to create aesthetically pleasing landscapes utilizing cacti and accent plants native to the eco-system of our desert. This garden, open to the public at no cost, is handicapped accessible. A primary focus is the ethical acquisition of native plants. Most plants in the garden were obtained from “cactus rescues”, plants that would have been lost because of real-estate development. The Cactus Garden and borchures have been recognized with 3 statewide Awards for excellence.

Cactus Garden Photo Show

Development of the Cactus Garden

Download Cactus Garden Brochures:

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