Research Focus

Fact Sheets – Current (*) and Completed

Water Resources and Salinity Management Research Program

Girisha Ganjegunte, Ph. D.
Associate Professor

Current Research Focus:

  1. Water Reuse
  2. Freshwater Conservation
  3. Salinity Assessment and Management

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Urban Landscape Water Conservation Research Program

Genhua Niu, Ph.D.

Current Research Focus:

  1. Identifying and Determining Drought and Salt Tolerant Landscape and Nursery Crops
  2. Identifying and Determining Salt Tolerant Bioenergy Crops
  3. Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)
  4. Pomegranate as an Alternative Crop for West Texas

Hydrology and Water Research Program

Zhuping Sheng, Ph.D., P.H.
Professor, Resident Director

Current Research Focus:

  1. Hydrological processes of river systems in arid and semi-arid regions
  2. Dynamics of aquifer systems
  3. Integrated water resources management (IWRM)
  4. Interactions of atmospheric, surface and subsurface waters
  5. Model development for atmospheric, surface and subsurface waters 
  6. Managed aquifer recharge, rain harvest, low impact development (LID)
  7. Hydrologic cycle, climate variability, environmental flow, watershed protection
  8. Irrigation, evapotranspiration and water conservation
  9. Linking hydrological model with economic model
  10. Database and GIS applications in water resources management and planning
  11. Optimization of wellfield operations & wellhead protection program
  12. Desalination, disposals and beneficial uses of concentrates
  13. Aquifer mechanics: land subsidence and earth fissures
  14. Geological engineering and geological hazards reduction

Natural Resource Economics and Policy Research Program

Gregory Torell, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Current Research Focus:

  1. Hydroeconomic modeling of river and aquifer systems
  2. Impacts of projected changes in weather extremes
  3. Integrated water resources management (IWRM)
  4. The nexus of food, energy and water
  5. Drought impacts on energy production
  6. Urban-rural competition for water resources
  7. Linkages of economic modeling with hydrological modeling
  8. Urban water policy and desalination technology
  9. Arid rangeland policy and drought management
  10. Human risk perception and risk management
  11. Ecosystem services and environmental benefits

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