2021 Alternative Crop Options after Failed Cotton & Late-Season Crop Planting for the Texas South Plains

Dr. Calvin Trostle, Extension Agronomy, TAMU Dept. of Soil & Crop Sciences, Lubbock, (806) 746-6101, ctrostle@ag.tamu.edu;

Dr. Murilo Maeda, Extension Cotton Specialist, TAMU Dept. of Soil & Crop Sciences, Lubbock, (806) 746-6101, mmaeda@ag.tamu.edu;

This annual guide will be posted at http://lubbock.tamu.edu by Monday, June 14.  Last year’s guide is essentially the same (see below) except crop prices for most crops are much higher, even 50% in cases.  The information remains applicable to the week of July 5th for a few late planting decisions like sunflower, grain sorghum, and summer annual forages.


The information targets the Texas South Plains (Lubbock region), but the information’s crop discussion, last recommended planting dates, and industry contact information is still relevant for surrounding regions including the Rolling Plains, Abilene-San Angelo, southeast New Mexico, and the lower Texas Panhandle.


Last year’s document is posted at https://lubbock.tamu.edu/files/2020/06/Hailout-Replant-LatePlant-Guide-TX-S-Plains-Trostle-Maeda-2020.pdf


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