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Texas Agriculture Product Id Contest

This contest will give youth the opportunity to further their knowledge and skills when evaluating agriculture products grown in Texas in a contest setting. For the Ag Products Identification Contest 20 Texas agricultural products are selected and exhibited at separate stations. Contestants select the correct identification of each product from four possible answers. Following, the product identification, each station has one multiple-choice question pertaining to the product on display. Questions can be general to the industry that produced the product, (i.e. Texas’ national ranking, economic impact to Texas, general nutrition content, region of production) and specific to the individual product that is on display (i.e. cooking method, use, growing season, specific nutrition of the cut or variety). Contestants are given 40 seconds at each station to answer both questions. Please refer to the Product list for suggested products and the resource guide for study materials. Products and resources are listed in the sample rules and the Agricultural Products Manual.

Agricultural Product Identification Study Guide:

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