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Available Eligibility Forms

  • Eligibility Form
    • San Angelo Stock Show & Rodeo (DUE 2/5)
    • San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo (DUE 2/5)
    • Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo (DUE 2/12)
    • Rodeo Austin (DUE 2/26)
    • Photography Contest (DUE 3/8)

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Rules & Guidelines

All 4-H youth, including youth in public, private, and/or home school, must adhere to the following guidelines regarding extracurricular activities and academic eligibility.

4-H youth will be required to submit a “Declaration of Eligibility Form” for any extracurricular event or activity in which they will be representing Fort Bend 4-H throughout the academic year.

Some of the Extracurricular activities through 4-H that require a Declaration of Eligibility Form include:

  • All 4-H Competitive Events
    o County Photography Contest
    o Fort Bend County Fair (livestock & arts and crafts department)
    o Any Major Show (HLSR, SALE, FW, RA, SA, HOT, SFT, ect.)
    o Round ups (County, District)
    o Shooting Sports Events & Contests
  • Participation in ANY 4-H event or activity that would require them to be absent
    from school.

Submit online request (below) to receive Declaration of Eligibility Form via email, unless otherwise required. 4-H Youth are held responsible to complete the form before their event.

A completed Form includes:

  • Activity Name
  • Date of Event
  • Parent/Guardian Signature
  • County Extension Agent Signature
  • Principal or Designee sign off

A Form will need to be filled out for EACH event you attend/participate. You can provide multiple events per form as it is good for a maximum of 30 days.

Once completed, the form will need to be taken with you to the Event or Contest AND a copy of the form will need to be sent to the County Extension Office. The completed Form can be emailed, faxed, or dropped by the County Extension Office.

Eligibility Form Request

Eligibility Form Request

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Optional event/contest - Must be within 30 day time frame
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
    Optional event/contest - Must be within 30 day time frame
  • Optional event/contest - Must be within 30 day time frame if there happens to be more events, please list in this box.

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