Current Teaching

ESSM 320 Ecosystem Restoration and Management (3 credits – lecture), Spring Semesters.

ESSM 430 Advanced Restoration Ecology (3 credits – lecture/writing intensive), Spring Semesters.  Co-taught with Georgianne Moore.

RENR 400 & ESSM 485 (6 credits, Summer 2012/2018-2020) Study Abroad in South Africa: Biodiversity, Conservation, and Ecotourism.  Co-taught with Urs Kreuter

ESSM 484 Undergraduate Internship (various), Ongoing year-round.

ESSM 485/685 Undergraduate and Graduate Directed Studies Research (various), Ongoing year-round.

ESSM 691 Graduate Research Instruction (various), Ongoing year-round.

EEBL 602 Population Ecology (1 credit – lecture), Fall Semesters. Co-taught with Kirk Winemiller & Masami Fujiwara.

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