Keeping Current with AgriLife Extension Test Lab Submittal Forms

This item is adapted from an AgriLife submission to Texas Grain Sorghum Association’s “Sorghum Insider”

Calvin Trostle, Ph.D., Professor & Extension Agronomist, TAMU Dept. of Soil & Crop Sciences, Lubbock, (806) 746-6101,

The Texas A&M Soil/Water/Forage Testing Lab,, is in College Station.  It is a public lab that participates in the North American Proficiency Testing program for quality control/quality assurance.


There are five types of general tests the Soi/Water/Forage Testing Lab (SWFTL) performs.  These are not limited to soil!  The types and their direct links to sample submittal forms are:



Each form has numerous different tests depending on what you need.  If you have questions about the many tests call SWFTL at (979) 845-4816, or


Remember, AgriLife’s service to clientele through SWFTL is to help with more information about the current nutrient content, salts, or contaminants in soil, plants, water, etc.  This provides clientele with more information to help make decisions to obtain their goals.  Does my soil need fertilizer, and if so, how much?  Do I need to correct my soil pH?  What can forage nutrient content tell me about pricing for buying or selling hay?  Is my water or soil salty?


The cost of testing is often if not usually well outweighed by overall savings vs. no testing at all.


A key for all Texas A&M STL forms:   In the upper right-hand corner is a small number on each type of test form (see below).  In this case “23” is for the current year 2023 test form.  All samples submitted to AgriLife SWFTL must use the current-year form.  So, dispose of any old forms.  Ensure you have the current forms on hand for use.

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