Guar Contracting Resumes in Texas

Calvin Trostle, Ph.D., Professor & Extension Agronomist, TAMU Dept. of Soil & Crop Sciences, Lubbock, (806) 746-6101,

Guar Resources, Brownfield, TX suspended new crop production of guar after the 2020 cropping season.  A long-time interest in guar in the Rolling Plains and South Plains is this legume’s heat and drought tolerance.  The bubble in world guar gum prices burst after 2012 (up to $12/lb. when historical prices were about $2/lb.).  Guar gum imports in the Port of Houston are still near $1/lb.


An oil and gas industry group of companies active in the Texas Permian Basin for many years is the new owner.  The proprietor is Josh Brooks, Andrews, TX.  Contacts and inquiries for guar contracting are through Guar Resources,, (806) 637-4662.


Prices for contract guar grain remain low, the same as they were in 2020.  Delivery points include:

  • Brownfield, $0.175/lb.
  • All other locations, including Vernon Co-op, and another possible location in Knox City, $0.160/lb.
  • There are color grades and also test weight requirements for full pricing. I don’t think either of these are a major concern for typical guar, irrigated or dryland.
  • Organic guar, $0.24/lb. GR has seed eligible for organic production.


Guar Production Resources

See the updated guar information about the crop and basic production guidelines at  This includes a research publication on how a guar plant grows and develops.  Most current interest in resuming guar production is in the Texas Rolling Plains.  I expect some growers in the Lubbock South Plains region may plant some guar as a hailout/replant/late plant crop.  Texas A&M AgriLife’s last recommended planting date for this region is July 1, but sooner is better if you can.  Guar Resources supplies the seed which has been tested for germination in 2023.

Ongoing Texas A&M AgriLife Guar Work


  • Variety testing continues with sites in Lubbock, Chillicothe, Lamesa, and Altus, OK.
  • Two Texas A&M AgriLife Research plant breeders based at Lubbock and Vernon continue guar breeding programs. Four guar lines are in evaluation for possible release as new varieties.
  • Guar is in the final year of a three-year contract to gather data for a potential pilot crop insurance program. This is funded by USDA Risk Management Agency.

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