Texas Friendly Ambassador Program

The Texas Friendly Ambassador Program has been adapted from the Texas Friendly Hospitality Program to meet high school curriculum requirements. This program makes a positive impact on interpersonal customer service skills of the newest and youngest members of our workforce. Employers confirm the importance of personal development and communication skills, such as dependability, politeness, courtesy, making sound decisions, following oral and written instructions and the appropriate use of language.

“TTexas Friendly Ambassadorhe Texas Friendly Ambassador content is powerful and vitally important to ALL preparing for a career in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry” – Timothy “Chef” Kelly, Fort Worth ISD

Teacher Reporting and Student Customer Service Certificates

Choose the following link to submit your reporting form: Online Teacher Ambassador Program Reporting. We ask that trained teachers report modules they have taught in order to quantify the impact our program hs on the state. Your students must complete five modules. There are two options for receiving certificates: (1) a PDF version of the certificates you are able to print; OR (2) you can request formal printed color certificates on heavyweight paper stock from our department to be printed and mailed to you for $5.00 per certificate.

At the end of the online reporting form, there will be a form field to upload an MS EXCEL document; use two of the columns of this document for the students first and last name. Fill in the header of Column 1 with text “name_first” and Column 2 with header “name_last“. We will send you student certificates via email within one week of receiving the completed form and receiving a check mailed to:

Texas Friendly Program

600 John Kimbrough Blvd.

College Station, TX 77845

Texas Friendly Ambassador Trained Teachers: update your contact information here. In order to continue quality customer service here at Texas Friendly with timely information and resources, we request that program trained teachers update their contact information.

Want to Know More About Texas Friendly Ambassador Programs? Please contact: csuess@tamu.edu

Ambassador Program Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ Sheet Ambassador Program

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