Texas Friendly Hospitality

Texas Friendly creates an environment fostering best practices in customer service. We certify Texas Friendly Instructors and provide workshops that help your staff cultivate the most up to date hospitality habits and customer service skills. We are here to show how to empower employees, how to retain loyal customers and improve both external and internal customer service.

Texas Friendly Instructor Training program provides certification to Texas Friendly Instructors.

Texas Friendly Hospitality Customer Service Workshop provides a program with best practices in customer service to business leaders and employees including up-to-date ‘hospitality habits’ that aim to improve customer service skills that lead to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Texas Friendly Ambassador Program provides curriculum to secondary educators teaching hospitality and tourism programs in the state of Texas. This program makes a positive impact on interpersonal customer service job skills of the newest members of our workforce.

Want to know more or schedule one of the Texas Friendly programs? Contact Dr. Courtney Suess-RaeisinafchiĀ  csuess@tamu.eduĀ 

or to find a Texas Friendly Instructor in your area, click here.

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