Texas Friendly Hospitality Customer Service Workshop

Texas Friendly hospitality customer service workshops teach participants how to manage and enhance the delivery of quality customer service. Certified Texas Friendly Instructors conduct and perform Texas Friendly customer service workshops acting as volunteers for the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service. Click here to find a certified Texas Friendly program instructor in your area. Note: the list is organized alphabetically by county.

Everyone benefits from great internal and external customer service.  This program is ideal for city and county government employees, volunteer service groups, Convention and Visitors Bureau staff, Main Street staff, city parks department personnel and anyone willing to provide clients with consistent, personalized and amazing service. Texas Friendly focuses on six hospitality habits necessary for quality customer service: 1) make a good first impression, 2) know your job, 3) know your community, 4) communicate clearly, 5) handle problems effectively, and 6) make a good last impression. Other topics emphasized include business etiquette, phone courtesy, working with difficult people, handling complaints, cultural etiquette, and communication.

Customer service training workshops are held upon request and are taught by certified instructors. Workshop fees are set by each instructor. Typical expenses include reimbursement for time and mileage, and if needed, meals and overnight accommodation. Workshops that are underwritten or sponsored may be offered for free to participants. Typical workshop fees range from $35-100 per participant, depending on the community and audience.

Attention Texas Friendly Instructors: Texas Friendly Instructor Reporting Form. Instructors are encouraged to submit a Texas Friendly Instructor Reporting Form for each training workshop conducted, which may be accessed by clicking on the link above. Your participation continues to support and improve the Texas Friendly program.

Want to Know More About Texas Friendly?  If you would like to know more information about this program, contact csuess@tamu.edu 

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