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Unit Checklist for Orienting & Onboarding New Employees

The following checklist can be used by new employees and/or units to orient and onboard.

  • The checklist can be modified to meet the specific needs of a given department. Contact to request changes on the web version of the checklist.
  • Hiring supervisors, HR Liaisons and others charged with orienting new employees are encouraged to review the checklist prior to meeting with the new employee(s), tailor the checklist to the unique characteristics of the agency/unit, gather forms and other paperwork as applicable, and schedule meetings and events to be attended by the new employee.
  • The items marked with an * on the checklist can be gathered and organized in advance of meeting with the new

About Our Unit

Unit Human Resource Orientation

International Employees

Safety Programs/Sanitation

Travel, Purchasing and Expenses Travel

  • Travel policies/ procedures/services
  • Agency credit card policies and expense report procedures
  • Purchasing forms, policies/procedures
  • Business travel accident insurance
  • Pro Card Training/ Concur Training/ State Rates for Hotel & Rental Cars

Time and Attendance/Leave Policies*

Required Forms

Professionalism, Professional Behavior and Dress

  • Ethics Policy
  • Proprietary information policy
  • Uniforms if applicable

Office Policies, Procedures, and Operations

  • Telephone
    • Telephone procedures/operation
    • Telephone directory /voicemail procedures
    • Handling customer complaints/emergency calls
  • Sending interoffice and U.S. mail
  • Reserving a conference room
  • Office furniture requests
  • Keys and key cards*
  • Break room locations/policies
  • Copier locations and user codes
  • Provide a package of basic office supplies*
  • Obtain a completed nameplate order form*
  • Recycling/shredding

Information Technology


  • Introduce the new employee to individuals in and outside of the unit with whom they will work*
  • Provide a list of locations of other employees offices
  • Conduct an in‐person office tour
  • Provide a list of contact information of vendors and contractors*
  • Provide a list of individuals who may serve as resources/mentors*


  • Conduct tours of appropriate laboratories, plants, facilities*
  • Plan team‐building and icebreaker exercises
  • Lunch plans
Download checklist for Orienting/Onboarding COALS employees

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