David Anderson, Ph.D 

  • Professor and Extension Economist/Livestock and Food Product Marketing

Jourdan Bell, Ph. D

  • Extension Agronomist
    Sorghum, Wheat, Cotton, Corn and Forages

Justin Benavidez, Ph.D 

  • Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist Ag Economics

Peter Dotray, Ph. D

  • Professor Weed & Herbicide Science
    Field Crop Wheat Control and Management

Ron Gill, Ph. D

  • Professor & Extension Animal Science Program Leader

Fernando Gillian Portal, Ph. D

  • Small Grains Specialist

Amanda Gobeli 

  • Quail Management

Thomas Hairgrove, Ph.D,DVM 

  • Professor and Extension Veterinarian
    Beef Cattle Health Management, Disease Surveillance

Kevin Heflin, Ph. D

  • Extension Program Specialist – Agronomy
    Field Crop Issues

Pierre Helwi, Ph. D

  • Extension Viticulturist
    Anything Related to Grape Production

Daniel Hillin

  • Extension Viticulture Program Specialist

DeDe Jones, MBA

  • Extension Program Specialist – Risk Management
    Farm Assistance, QuickBooks Training

Will Keeling, M.S.

  • Extension Program Specialist – Risk Management
    Farm Assistance

Emi Kimura, Ph. D

  • Extension Agronomist
    State Peanut Specialist, Cotton, Wheat, Sorghum, and Forages

Tiffany Dowell Lashmet, J.D.

  • Extension Specialist – Agriculture Law

Katie Lewis, Ph. D

  • Soil Fertility & Chemistry

Zong Liu, Ph.D

  • Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist-Ag Waste Management
    Animal Waste Treatment/Management, Water Air Quality Assessment, Value Added Options for Animal Waste

Mark Matocha, Ph.D

  • Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist
    Ag Pesticide Applicator Training, Pesticide Laws and Regulation

Ben McKnight, Ph.D

  • State Cotton Specialist

Cecilia Monclova-Santana, Ph. D

  • Extension Plant Pathologist- Cotton & Peanuts

Maeda Murilo, Ph. D

  • Extension Agronomist- Cotton

Monte Nesbitt

  • Extension Pecan Specialist

Ken Obasa, Ph. D

  • Extension Specialist – Plant Pathologist

Joe Outlaw, Ph.D 

  • Professor and Extension Specialist for Policy

Juan Pineiro, Ph. D, DVM, MSS

  • Extension Specialist – Dairy

Dana Porter, Ph. D

  • Professor & Extension Agricultural Engineer – Irrigation & Ag Water Management

Pat Porter, Ph. D

  • Professor & Extension Entomologist – Integrated Pest Management

Reed Redden, Ph.D 

  • Associate Professor and Extension Sheep and Goat Specialist
    Sheep and Goat Production and Management

Don Renchie, Ph.D

  • Extension Program Leader and Coordinator Ag Environmental Science
    Federal and State Pesticide and Environmental Protection Laws and Regulations

John Robinson, Ph. D

  • Professor & Extension Economist – Cotton Marketing

Ronnie Schnell, Ph. D

  • Extension Agronomist
    Corn, Sorghum, Sunflower

Wendy Scott,M.S

  • D-2 4-H Youth Development Specialist

Jason Smith, Ph.D

  • Extension Specialist – Beef Cattle

John Smith 

  • Water Quality Protection

Tim Steffens, Ph. D

  • Rangeland Resource Management
    Grazing Management, Wildlife Habitat Management, Weed and Brush Management

Sonja Swiger, Ph.D 

  • Assistant Professor and Extension Entomologist – Livestock and Veterinary
    IPM of Livestock Pests, Ectoparasites, Mosquitoes and Vector Born Diseases, Household Landscape

John Tomecek, Ph.D 

  • Assistant Professor and Extension Wildlife Specialist

Morgan Treadwell, Ph.D

  • Assistant Professor and Extension Range Specialist
    Brush Management, Prescribed Burning, Fire Effects, Grazing Management

Calvin Trostle, Ph. D

  • Professor & Extension Agronomist
    Hemp, Small Grains, Sunflowers, Alternative Crops

Tyler Vogel, M.S.

  • Extension Specialist
    4-H Vet Science Coordinator

Suhas Vyavhare, Ph. D

  • Extension Entomologist
    Cotton IPM, Insect Efficacy, Host Plant Resistance, Insecticide Resistance, Insect-Plant Interaction

Russ Wallace, Ph. D

  • Extension Vegetable Specialist

Mark Welch, Ph. D

  • Professor & Extension Economist – Grain Marketing and Policy

Jeffery Wiegert, Ph.D

  • Swine Extension Specialist

Bailee Wright, B.S.

  • D-1 4-H Youth Development Specialist

Jennifer Zoller, Ph.D 

  • Assistant Professor and Extension Horse Specialist
    Equine Nutrition, Exercise Physiology, Training


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